Young Buck

Just Chillin

Nothing like a nice sunset


Nothing wrong with being different

Loved watch this constant transformation

slam that shit


Damn Canadians the line I always hear when i go to the state for car shows. “THOSE DAMN CANADIAN”

As I passed by, one guy said “those canadians know how to build cars” i agree but then again i’m being biased. The canadian car culture is something growing at a rapid pace, a pace in which people are driving down from the states to check out our shows and cars. So here are a couple cars iv seen driving around the GTA that i think are just beautiful

Nice Fitment


White lightening



Not 1, Not 2, But three beautiful cars owned by 1 Man

Everyone wants to build a beautiful car, but when your Sean you build three 😀

Here is the A6

Now one of the most beautiful corrados in the game

Nice bay too , thing gives me goose bumps

Lastly Sean’s chocolate brown GLI, which was sadly sold

Sean’s MOMS bagged eos


350z were something that iv gotten into but after seeing a couple stanced ones, but its become clear that these cars have beautiful lines to fill

Love seeing a car that is not just all show and actually used.

This dude put some serious work into making these wheels fit  right

Hello Lexus

This video is just insane

MMhmm Bays

Nothing like a fresh clean bay

love the car in general just very clean. here is another shot of it

can we scream labour