Monthly Archives: October 2010

MMhmm Bays

Nothing like a fresh clean bay

love the car in general just very clean. here is another shot of it

can we scream labour


Mmmm Wheelsss

Orange for halloween 😀

Love these image wheels, think i need a set for the mk2


CCW’s anyone

Theses twist are just BEAUTIFUL



Ralph Lauren and has fixies now ?

loved the colour choice here

Nice Bianchi, with the aerospoke wheel




H2O V-CARD has been taken

If you are a Volkswagen , Audi enthusiast this is the show to be at. I’v been to waterfest for the past three years now. But to compare the two is just wrong its like comparing the Toronto Raptors to the La Lakers there is just no comparison.

Rotiform brought out some beautiful cars.

beautiful stance with the stancework coilovers on this e36

My friends from back home had there cars in the show

Photo cred: mike barry

some nice wheels , loved the car aswell

Wow is all that can be said, IN A GOOD WAY 😀 Mike does it again

wow beautiful mk1

Just love this yellow mk4 with the jetta front end gets,me everytime and i see it at every show i go to in the states.

For more photos of the show check:

fixie fun

kool vid

nice golf with the rotiformss …but also nice fixie

American badass

beautiful colour choice

sooo cool on so many levels



classy and clean

looking real mean

fat asss