Not 1, Not 2, But three beautiful cars owned by 1 Man

Everyone wants to build a beautiful car, but when your Sean you build three 😀

Here is the A6

Now one of the most beautiful corrados in the game

Nice bay too , thing gives me goose bumps

Lastly Sean’s chocolate brown GLI, which was sadly sold

Sean’s MOMS bagged eos


About breakinneckssince

BreakinNecksSince's Elijah What up world, So about me.. Iv been breakin necks since I was a sperm. From my amazingly good looks Lol. No but seriously, Im elijah Iv loved cars from a young age. I am from Toronto I drive a MK2 Jetta. I am currently a student who is studying at Carleton University in Ottawa, when im not doing homework I'm working on my car, taking pictures or snowboarding. On this blog you can find anything from: Mostly Cars Music Fixies photography clothes and anything else cool you can think about Hopefully you like the Blog :D View all posts by breakinneckssince

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